Thursday, February 03, 2005

All In A Days Work...

well today i did manage to learn some new stuffs about this blog thingy....that also a very big thank you to cchungww who helped me out sooo much....i guess without her knowledge and assistance, my blog would not have been this presentable...its about 3.15am now and guess i'm pretty tired myself....well i'll be signing off pretty soon....before this i'll update my blog here with a few humour/jokes for you ppl....well it's been nice but i guess i really gotta go now...once again, a big THANK YOU to cchungww for helping me out in my blog....cheers!...the world would be truely a nice place to live in if there were more ppl like u around...well this is andyjoe signing off for now....take care and God Bless....chioz!

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Tony said...

Just thought I'd welcome you to the Blog-o-sphere (that's the world of blogging) and leave you a comments, as I know how much it means to a new blogger when they see that their blog is actually being visited.
Feel free to drop by my blog and leave a comment or use my tagboard.

Good luck with your blogging