Thursday, February 12, 2009

First update of 2009

Wow, last posted dated back in Dec '07. Pretty damn long. I finally found the "semangat" to start updating back, though how long it'll last I wouldn't know.

Lots of things and stuff has happened back in 2008. The year has gone and past and now it's Feb 2009. Being with Fina has made life a whole lot different, fair to say till today I can proudly say that I'm with her - going on strong.

I managed to complete my 2 years bond with M1, now already starting my 3rd year. Now doubt work life has become a little routine, I'm still going on with it. Times are bad, the past year has seen the world economic crisis come down onto us - recession. Most companies have taken extra precaution to prevent heavy lost and lets just saying looking for a new job nowadays ain't easy. In fact it's more risky! Besides, I too have my "plans" that need to be carried out first before I could make the next step.

The last year has seen me traveled to Bangkok and Krabi of Thailand, Batam in Indonesia and also Penang too! Never imagine I could have traveled to all these places while I was still at my old company, so needless to say there has definitely been some improvement in my life.

I also managed to see both Virgil and Shinie getting married, made new friends as usual and found new makan places in Singapore. Even managed to venture and discover more about Singapore.

I'll continue to update from time to time now, after all it's part of my "discipline programme" that I'm working out now. I'll be sure to upload some pictures here n there too.

Well that's all for now. I'll need to be heading to the gym shortly for some workout. Bye!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas 2007 and Chris

Christmas will be here in another 5 days from today. How am I taking it? Obviously I'm pretty much excited. For starters I'll be on leave for 6 whole days. That's like almost a week away from work. Free to do what I want without and with my loved ones. One thing is it'll be a first Christmas without me dear sister. Guess she's pretty much not bothered as from what I heard, she's away for holiday in the Bahamas. Oh well, good for her, a little warm weather for her.
Well I have a special someone who's crazy over this meal. WTM freak! Never knew someone as crazy enough for WTM existed other than my sister. Now I have two woman whom I'm closed to that are crazy over WTM!

Well I have a friend here who's been hoping he'd get a WTM or lambchop for Christmas from me. Konon la wanna meet up with me in Singapore, mana tau now I heard he's already in Russia! What la you, Chris...

Well here's a Russian for you as a Christmas prezzie. Maybe a rough idea on what you're supposed to be looking out for, we don't need another confused child out in the world again.
One more time give you full view, remember this ya, boobs and hot, not batang between legs!

Haha! Cheers mate. Merry Christmas to ya all!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Christmas month!

I came across this email, sent to me by a former colleague of mine. Considering the fact that I'm also in a callcentre line, this really did crack me up. Just thought I'd post it here for reading pleasure.

Anyway am looking forward to Christmas this year. Gonna be on leave for 6 days this time compared to a miserable 1 off day last year. Keeping things short this time, any update and it'll be updated here. Take care!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Someone's too curious about something!

Someone has been asking me tonnes of questions about something that she's gonna receive, and now from what I noticed, she has updated it in her blog.

The only clue that she has is that it's something that has got to do with a battery. How sure is that, hehehe....

And you know what the best part is? She's gotta collect it from my parent's place. Considering that she knows that she's getting something, I figure it ought to make it a little more exciting for her to collect it from my place. According to her, she might be collecting it later tonight or by tomorrow before 5.30pm. I just wish I could have a look at her place the moment she opens it. Oh well, I'm probably gonna get it from her once she sees it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chicken Rice and Mango Sago in Bugis

I was introduce to this shop here that sells Chicken rice by my Boss Alzari. Name of the shop is Tong Seng Coffeeshop but mind you, everything sold in the shop is halal.

The rice here's a little diffrent from other places that I've been to, it gives you the feeling that you're eating good quality kinda rice

Check out the Chicken! Ain't that a sight-for-sore-eyes? Or rather for the hungry people

Here's the stall inside the coffeeshop, you could ask for any part of the chicken and the stall owner would gladly cut it out for you without hesitation

Here's a picture of the address of the shop. For those of you who's not too sure of the location, remember Bugis Junction's MOS burger. It's dirrectly opposite it.

And after a nice meal, it's always nice to compliment it with a nice desert, introducing Mango Sago!

It's hoever located in a different shop named Ah Chew's Desert, tough it's just walking distance from the coffeeshop. Check out their wide scope of menu!

And for those of you who would rather have a map instead, here you go.

And what does one's reaction become after such wonderful meal? It's gonna be yum yum, that's for sure! Take it from Bruno. Happy feasting =)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Test of patience

What a day. Imagine having to handle a nasty call. NOw imagine having to handle a nasty-irritating-stupid-bogus-pissing me off kinda call throughout the day which last almost between 10minutes to 20minutes and back to back!

This is really not good for health. Could it be because of the position? I'm not one of those Feng Shui kinda fella but it could be. Or could it be because it's a weekend and most of them are just over shallow minded.

It's just one of those days. I'm just one of the unlucky ones today. And to end to the depression, LFC didn't even win as well. Can't the day just get any more worst? Just hang in there, I hear a voice inside me telling me. Well probably that voice needs to be answering some of these calls too then it'll probably hang itself too.

Days like these keeps me wondering, how long more? The question continues to loom....

Pictures curtesy of Edward

Yeah, couple of months and weeks back managed to try out 2 different kinda activities in Singapore. Managed to go cycling at East Coast and the Night Safari. Just had these pictures from Edward:

Rented 3 bikes, 2 single and a double, nice to be cycling in Singapore for once
Smile everyone!...and me with the Scary Movie look....lame...

Here are the Night Safari Pictures

Dey, alamak....3's company la....!

Now that's more like it =)

For those of you who've been there b4, bet you know where this place is =)

Another one for the album, smile everybody!
People from M1, September 2007.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Hmmm, noticed the shoes? Ain't it cute? Looks like I really got somebody's atention with it. And after that, she's been pretty much obsesed with it. Oh well, I guess it's a norm with all women. Anyway, for those of you who might be interested with it, check out Hecho-Amano .
Yes, I know it's so cute, just like the picture below, the kitten I mean... =)