Thursday, February 12, 2009

First update of 2009

Wow, last posted dated back in Dec '07. Pretty damn long. I finally found the "semangat" to start updating back, though how long it'll last I wouldn't know.

Lots of things and stuff has happened back in 2008. The year has gone and past and now it's Feb 2009. Being with Fina has made life a whole lot different, fair to say till today I can proudly say that I'm with her - going on strong.

I managed to complete my 2 years bond with M1, now already starting my 3rd year. Now doubt work life has become a little routine, I'm still going on with it. Times are bad, the past year has seen the world economic crisis come down onto us - recession. Most companies have taken extra precaution to prevent heavy lost and lets just saying looking for a new job nowadays ain't easy. In fact it's more risky! Besides, I too have my "plans" that need to be carried out first before I could make the next step.

The last year has seen me traveled to Bangkok and Krabi of Thailand, Batam in Indonesia and also Penang too! Never imagine I could have traveled to all these places while I was still at my old company, so needless to say there has definitely been some improvement in my life.

I also managed to see both Virgil and Shinie getting married, made new friends as usual and found new makan places in Singapore. Even managed to venture and discover more about Singapore.

I'll continue to update from time to time now, after all it's part of my "discipline programme" that I'm working out now. I'll be sure to upload some pictures here n there too.

Well that's all for now. I'll need to be heading to the gym shortly for some workout. Bye!

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Fina said...

Dearest, finally u updated yr blog neh!!!! That's the way man! Good to see you back in action..