Friday, February 25, 2005


Two men are exploring an area in Deepest, Darkest Africa when they are captured by a group of Natives. All of a sudden they are thrown onto logs on the ground, stripped and tied up to where they can't move. The chief walks up and looks at the first man and says, "You have a choice, Death or Voontah!" All the natives are bouncing around yelling, "VOONTAH, VOONTAH, VOONTAH!" The guy thinks anything can be better than Death so he chooses Voontah. All of a sudden every native lines up and one by one and they start fucking the guy up his ass. When the last native has finished, the cheif walks up to the second man and says, "You also have a choice, Death or Vootah!" Again all the natives bounce around and yell, "VOONTAH, VOONTAH, VOONTAH!" The second man looks over at his buddy and say, "Damn, anything can be better than that Voontah, I'll take Death!" The cheif suddenly turns to his tribe and says, "He has made his choice. He has chosen Death. So.....It will be DEATH.......BY VOONTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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