Friday, February 25, 2005

wow wow wow....

wow's been really sometime since i last added anything into my blog....sorry la wen wei...really was occupied with work....somemore busy practising for my demo which will be on his sat 26.2.05 at jonkers...... so will be doing some demo with a couple of my group members....hopefully everything will turn out to be fine....well these couple of days have really been tiring i guess.....damn occupied with work and so on finally now got off day, can spend some time here to update my blog a little la....well i can't be putting any pictures in here at da moment as my pc is having some problem with the programme tat i use to upload the least i can do is add some jokes here and there all my long lost frens, ppl who know me, or ppl who are looking for someone as a fren, can contact me here la....u can even look for me via friendster....check via my nick: andyjoe only one name like tat there....hehe....anyway before i start talking nonsense di, ( lack of sleep) guess i'll be ending here....well tats all for now la....andyjoe signing out...chioz...!

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