Sunday, March 06, 2005

Thanks Wen Wei!

Finally i've managed to learn something new bout this blog....honestly i admit i'm the blur kinda fella when it comes to this kinda stuffs....but thanks to my cikgu (wen wei) i've managed to learn it....thanks wen wei, ur da best! Now u can tell urself, after all those nagging u gave me, luckily it did managed to teach me something rite? So u can say you didn't waste ur time on me rite...hehehehe....tats all for time i learn something new bout this blog stuffs, i'll update here again, k? Now wanna cabut 1st...andyjoe signing off...*beep*...


Anonymous said...

hehe..finally tat's u ! issh,din see u for a period of time lioa..look much mature than last time huh !emm ya,here's mine bloggie :
din update for sometimes lioa.kinda bz for assignment n bla bla bla..hehe u might try for this blogger instead of..ya,have fun !
see ya there,cheerio !

Anonymous said...

issh forget to tell pengkiat here ! :p