Friday, July 01, 2005

Good Bye & All the Best...

UniGals Posted by Picasa
(standing L to R) : Pei Yin, Myself, Wang, Pei Chin & Adeline
(squating L to R) : Siew Meh, Winnie & Wendy

Well, what can i say, time passes by very fast. Just then, it was Dec and I was befriended by 6 gals who joined Singtel and into my department MMPU. Time passes by, we grew the know each other well, and the 6 of them were like close frens to me....Seen here in this pic is Pey Yin, Pei Chin, Adeline, Siew Meh, Winnie & Wendy. (Also not forgeting Wang =P) The 6 of them(only the gals la, Wang still far..) have already left Sudong aka Singtel, to further their studies. Well, sincerely from my heart, All The Best to The 6 Of You. I'll always cherish the times we had together....andyjoe.....

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