Friday, August 26, 2005

My Birthday Makan on 20.8.05 - Dedicated To Shanon, The IronMan =)

Hi there friends, good day to you all. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually really talked about what that has been going on around me. Well, guess what? I’m finally 21 years of age. A few of my friends have actually been asking how I celebrated my 21st birthday. To summarized, it was a little of romance, comedy, drama, thriller, science-fiction, entertainment…no no…just kidding… it was like more of a happy ending. So let me tell you what happened…before that, I sincerely apologize now if I have or might offend anybody with what I’m about to exposed of.

The main day was taken place on the 20th of August 2005. It was a dinner held at Newton food court, (sorry la ppl, low budget! =P) Banda Hilir, Malacca. I invited over all my close friends and my kaki’s also too. Those present were Ruth, Barnabas, Virgil, Thomas, Cheryl, Ah Kee, Daniel and last but not least, Shanic. (names mentioned here were from who arrived first till who arrived last). Oh yeah, not to forget, I did had a lunch meeting up with Wen Wei, and her 2 close girlfriends, Christine & Ching Ying. That was on the 10th of August 2005 at Mcdonalds, MidValley and a one-on-one match..opps..i meant dinner with Christine Vaz (my kawan who couldn’t make it on the 20.8.05).

So back to the main dinner part, after Newton’s makan, we then headed off to the pool & snooker parlor in Senyum Super, Melaka Raya. Not too far, just ok la. We spent about an hour and half there while shooting some balls, and watching some football. (Actually it was me, the only one really watching football, others were just admiring the ball moving around, cha boh ma =P). Ok, from here, in came in Greg, Mr. Half Titanium, Half Carbon-Fibre….hahaha…his nickname coz he’s one hell on a martial artist. He joined us for a game of pool and hang around. We did bump into my couz, Edmund, Joshua, Darian, Adrian and his gal, Alice.

So, after pool, we then headed off to the new mamak at Charming, Bukit Baru. 6 cars leh, 2 Satria’s, one Kenari, one Wira, one Saga, and a Toyota. All also gila, but lets not go there, or else I’m gotta do some explaining. *Ahem, *Ahem. Understand la k? At mamak, second round. Here, Shanon joined in the cast. Actually he was already there before us. Superman la the fella. Also Robocop. (Relax la, I’ll explain slowly). That time, it was already about 2am di, Shanic & Virgil went off to send Ruth & Barnabas back. Thomas sent Cheryl back. About 20mins later, Shanon excused himself and headed home. Few minutes later, Shanic was back. Oh yeah, before Shanon went back, Marvin (PRIDE member) joined us also. So we all were chatting when suddenly, dum dum dum dum…Shanic had a phone call. He then ran from the table heading towards his car, started the engine, and Vrooommmm…like mad man..haha..The rest of us were like, What the…Mad Kah?....Virgil then rang Shanic up to find out wat was going on. From Virgil, we learnt that Shanic received the call from his parents saying that his brother Shanon, met with an accident.

So like real la, the 5 of us headed to Shanic’s house. Hazard light si boh, all 5 cars. Wat to do, emergency ma. When we reached Shanic’s house, his parents were about to leave to Pantai Medical Centre. Police also came. (guess they must have been wondering why 5 cars all crazy on hazard light). After explaining to the police(small hal la, relax la), me, Virgil and Shanic headed towards Pantai Medical. Greg, Marvin and Ah Kee made their move from Shanic’s house. On the way there, we called Thomas to meet us there.

We met Thomas at Pantai, and Shanon was ok. Had cuts and bruises here n there, but thank God, he was fine. He didn’t felt a thing. I thought maybe he was crying in pain or what, but he was cool only. His mother la call him Iron man. We pulak called him Robocop. Hahaha….He and his family then headed home, while myself, Thomas, Virgil & Shanic headed off for 3rd round at Hang Tuah. We met my couz n co again. Sigh, guess Malacca must be damn small. That was already bout 4am. About 5, we headed towards the seaside, Klebang beach. Chit chat n so on. (wish somebody could have been with me at this time =P) Bout 530am, we headed home. I reached home bout 5.45am. Was trying to install my present (hehe…really happy for it). And my day then ended at 6.45am.

Well, that was the main highlight la, but if I did offend anybody or left out some minor parts out, please forgive me. But end of story, it was my 21st birthday celebration and indeed it’s a very memorable one for me. Hope you all liked it. Anything, just update me in my chatterbox. This is AndyJoe signing out!


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