Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Makan Day Pictures (Updated)

@ Office 1 Posted by Picasa
On the day of makan, in the office, picture of me and my colleagues, Gurmit & Idrus

@ Office 2 Posted by Picasa
Another picture of me and a few of my colleagues, Avril, Latha & Martin

Makan 1 Posted by Picasa
Picture at Newton which was snap frm a mile away...
standing (l-r) : Cheryl, Thomas & Me
sitted (l-r) : Barnabas, Daniel, Ruth, Virgil & Ah Kee

Makan 2 Posted by Picasa
Virgil & Kee having a jolly moment.....

Makan 3 Posted by Picasa
Sorry bout most of the pictures, wrong film, so this are only a few that are ok, the rest all not clear after scan, see for example, this picture is aim at somebody but ended up only had the table.

Makan 4 Posted by Picasa
Round 3 @ Hang Tuah, around 4am, i think.
(l-r) : Virgil, Me & Thomas

Makan 5 Posted by Picasa
Thomas showing wat he's good at, MAKAN!
hahaha...burger somemore...but the cheese was really tempting.....

Makan 6 Posted by Picasa
Ah HA! Virgil got high with the shisa, ended up seeing stars in the sky...hahaha....kidding la =) (no offence dude)

Tat's for now la...till I have somemore time, then I'll update more...chioz...

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