Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hi there, it's been some time since I've last updated my site...anyway, currently my dear fren Wen Wei is overseas on a so called the duty of looking after her beloved pet, Big Ears (BE) is passed onto me for the time being....Well, I assure Wei, that I'm doing all the very best within my power to look after BE for her...Anyway, here are a few pictures, which i find quite nice and funny....take a look ya all.....

BE, say hi! Posted by Picasa
This is BE, say hi BE!

BE doing kamikaze.... Posted by Picasa
After posing awhile at Wei's house, BE suddenly decided to make things a little more interesting, such as doing the "KAMIKAZE" jump...and not just from anywhere, but from my "botak" head....hahahaha....

New LFC supporter! Posted by Picasa
Anyway, these are a few pictures which has touched my heart in a certain way....
p/s: BE looked like a new LFC supporter in the making....what else, we're the European Champions, right? hehehe....Anyway that's all for now, any new updates, it'll be updated in the next updating time...when? When I got mood la...silly...hehehehe...take care, God Bless!

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