Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

Right, got the weekends off this time, after how long that up at 11am today with the prospects of hoping that I'll be finally getting my own mp3 player....well after defragmenting my pc at 3am this morning, i went to bed as the pc needed around 4 hrs to defrag....(old pc ma, and we hardly defrag it) then woke up at 9 am to finish it off, followed with some browsing and slept back till 11am....after that, streamyx had some prob, couldn't even browse....but i guess it was a minor prob as it only lasted for about a few minutes....after that, went out to get the mp3 player which I've been eyeing for quite some my dismay, the damn shop was closed.... baskit..., but oh well, ppl do need rest right? then came back home to follow dad out to get some tortoise, mana tau, the shop was also closed....that shop rarely closes actually...haiz...well, ended up having an indian lunch meal...big plate of rice, with fish curry, dried mutton chilly, sambal egg, and some vege....after that, I had to go back to office for 2 hrs of ot....then followed with jogging with my parents...they were practically walking the whole time, i was jogging...sis n bro din want to come currently waiting for my turn to bath, get some dinner, catch some football and perhaps, just perhaps, go to the hot water spring with my bro later....I would also like to take this oppurtunity to wish all the celebrants "A Very Happy Chinese New Year"! Tomorrow I'll collect my ang pau from you all...hahahahahahaha......right on, dinner time now, chioz!

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