Saturday, February 25, 2006

Check out what I found on the net =P

With the alarming rate of cases of HIV Aids and STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), corporate companies should be encouraged to assist in providing public awareness in the practice of safe sex. One method proposed is that they give out free condoms with their company's logo and branding tag line.....

- AXN Condoms: Because real life is never this big!
- Bonus Link Condoms: Everyday's a Bonus.
- Braun: Designed to make a difference.
- Canon Condoms: Delighting you always.
- Carrefour Condoms: The better deal!
- Celcom Condoms: It's in your hands.
- Coca Cola Condoms: It's the real thing.
- Delifrance Condoms: It's just irresistible!
- Digi Condoms: Always the s marter choice.
- Digital Ixus Condoms: Where style meets substance.
- Double Mint Condoms: Double your pleasure, Double your fun!
- Dreamland Condoms: Giving you more.
- Energizer Condoms: It keeps going and going and going...
- Ferrari Condoms: The Prancing Horse.
- Ford Condoms: The best never rest.
- Guardian Condoms: The one you trust.
- Guinness Condoms: Saviour the experience.
- Hewlett Packard Condoms: Expanding possibilities.
- Hotlink Condoms: Activate your life!
- Isuzu D-Max Condoms: Max performance. Max lifestyle.
- KFC Condoms: Finger-lickin' good.
- M&M Condom: It melts in your mouth, not in your hands!
- Malaysia Airlines Condoms: Going beyond expectations.
- Mars Bar Condoms: The quicker picker upper!
- Maxwell House Condoms: Good to the last drop!
- Maybank Condoms: Who knows you better.
- MBF Cards Condoms: Whenever. Whatever. Wherever.
- Microsoft Condoms: You can't match the real thing.
- Nike Condoms: Just do it.
- Nokia Condoms: Conne cting people.
- Olympus Condoms: User friendly. Wallet friendly.
- 1 Utama Condoms: It's all in One.
- Osim Condoms: Inspiring life.
- RHB Bank Condoms: We'll help you get there.
- Ribena Condoms: What a blast!
- Star Trek Condoms: To boldly go where no man has gone before.
- 7 Eleven Condoms: Always there for you.
- Sony Condoms: Like no other.
- Subaru Impreza WRX Condoms: It's barely legal.
- Suria KLCC Condoms: Always something new.
- Thai Airways Condoms: Smooth as silk.
- Toshiba Condoms: Choose freedom.
- Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling.
- Twisties Condoms: Irretwistible!
- Visa Condoms: All it takes.


Eileen said...

Ooh read this before..hilarious isn't it. Nice blog you have. keep it up! :)

AndyJoe said...

haha, thanks....some jokes are nice, so i kinda like wanna add them to my collection....

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