Sunday, March 05, 2006

Me, myself & I

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Well, that's pretty much how i feel now. As some of you all know, I've already quit my college due to the reasons which I've mentioned as per below. I'm planning to take up nursing, yeah, you heard me correctly, nursing! I feel that my qualities which i have in myself is well suited for this job, plus it's a field where it's worth getting into.

So right now, I'm currently having a few options. The first one is Pantai Medical, but the problem of getting into there is my BM. They want a minimum credit, too bad I only had a 7. I've already applied to re-take my Bm in the July paper which, by the way is in June. Frankly speaking, I'm a little puzzled as to why they named it July paper when the paper is actually held in June. Probably due to the results which will be in July? Not too sure myself.

My second option would be MAHSA (Malaysian Allied Health Science Academy). Well here as to what I enquired from their representive, Miss Claire at the Education Fair which was held in Century Mahkota, Malacca, BM pass is ok, should be able to get in. The only problem would be the fees. So since I can't afford the payment of 6 k per semester, I need to find a sponsor.

I then went on to Putra hospital, formerly known as Southern Hospital, which by the way, do have the nursing course. Made some enquiries from a nurse named Miss, err, forgot her name, but a very helpful indian lady. She directed me to go to the 11th floor? Yeah, 11th floor to look for a Miss Yun or Yin or Ain, can't recall either. Well, she was off and her assistant, I guess, attended to me. She seem to be rushing, no idea why, but according to her, Putra do sponsor student who are taking nursing course, but they will be pushed to their own college, named Kolej Teknologi Islam Kuala Sungai Baru. Well, no offence, but the name is like, err, u get what i mean rite? Probably gonna be like my second case if I were to join there, and besides, my options are Pantai or MAHSA actually.

Came back, met my fren Roxanne online, and according to her, her mom's someone who's teaching in Kolej Kejururawatan Hospital Melaka. But she can't tell me much details as she herself don have any of them. She'll let me know more details once she gets them from her mom.

So in summary, I'll say that I do have several options, but no answers yet. This is really making me confuse as I'm feeling somewhat panicky. I don't even know why. Well, it's good that I'm able to let it all out here in my blog. If anybody have some advice or are able to lend a helping hand, feel free to do so, k? Gonna need it. But if you planning on bragging (you know who you are) or just teasing me, (you know who you are here too!) mind you as I'm not in the mood for all those. Get my message? Thanx.


Anonymous said...

You are very handsome. I suggest you become MAS flight attendant. Or male model.

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