Monday, April 17, 2006

Commonly Used Phrases at the Office and what they really mean

1.For your information, please. (FYI)
Meaning : I don't know what to do with this, so
please keep it.

2.Noted and returned.
Meaning : I don't know what to do with this, so
please keep it little while.

3.Review and comment.
Meaning : Do the dirty work so that I can forward it.

4. Action please.
Meaning : Get yourself involved for me. Don't
worry, I'll claim the credit.

5.For your necessary action.
Meaning : It's your headache now.

6.Copy to.
Meaning : Here's a share of my headache.

7.For your approval, please.
Meaning : Put your neck on the chopping board for
me please.

8.Action is being taken.
Meaning : Your correspondence is lost and I am
trying to locate it.

9.Your letter is receiving our attention.
Meaning : I am trying to figure out what you want.

10.Please discuss.
Meaning : I don't know what the "f ***" this is, so
please brief me.

11.For your immediate action.
Meaning : Do it NOW! Or I will get into serious

12.Please reply soon.
Meaning : Please be efficient. It makes me look

13.We are investigating/processing your request
with the relevant authorities.
Meaning : They are causing the delay, not us.

Meaning : Thanks and bless you for reading all the
bull shi t.

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