Thursday, May 18, 2006

Compassionate Leave Week

Today's the last day of my compassionate leave. Have been on leave since Monday (3 working days) + my off days thus = from last Sunday till Today (Thursday). Well, it's a sad thing to have lost my grandma, but in a way, i'm happy for her as she's now in a better place and not suffering anymore. Grandma passed away on Saturday night at 1155pm. yup, another 5 more minutes till Mother's Day. Kinda of weird rite? But this shows that all of us can just go at any moment when we're called to go. So my advice to you all, cherish the moment you have now with all your love ones and friends, cause you'll never know that it could be your final moment with them.
Other than that, here I am again also happy that Liverpool won the FA Cup. Could have lost though, but i guess it was already fated for us to win it. We did conceded 2 stupid goals in the first half, one own goal, and another the gk fumbled, but we did snatch back a brilliant gooal through Cisse to pull one back just before halftime. Apart from that, in the second half Gerrard scored a thunderous shot right frm 25 yards to pull us leveled at 2 all. But then, Konchesky tried to cross the ball, but the ball landed back into the net to give West Ham the lead over us at 3-2. Man, at this moment I though it's all over. But througout the end of the second half at 85th or 87th minute "it" happened. Gerrard received a through ball from someone and he fired right at goal from 35 yards and it landed at the back of the net. That was a "beauty". The game then went on till extra time but even the 30 minutes couldn't produce a winner for either sides. So thus it went on to penalty shoot-outs and we won 3-1. Thanks to the heroics of GK Reina. Guess he must have made admendments for his mistakes earlier on. Well, cheers to West Ham for putting on a good fight and also helping us to make this an FA Cup classic.
Ok, ok. I know, enough but football, but well you know me la, Liverpool's my favourite club ma. Ok, my sis is also in Canada for a month. Went on to visit her darling there. Hope she brings home some goodies for me, hehe.....(hope you're reading this =P).
Made a trip to Subang to visit Wen Wei too. Spent the day watching movies and had lunch together. That was nice and something for me to cherrish. I hope she did enjoyed herself too. Wen Wei's Leing was at first merajuk at dowan to come out of her cage. Later on, she did came out and hang out with us. Hmmm, merajuk, then become friendly, guess she must have caught that attitude from the owner =P. But I really like her too and she's so cute. Wanna manja her only. Tor-Toi as usual, trying to mastermind some "great-escape" plan, but hard to beat his Mistress as she has a full-proff cell for him, but with food all around. haha. That's it la.
Back to malacca, did some house cleaning. Suddenly only the mood came. Collected a basket full of clothes to be wash from around the house and a big black plasticbag full of rubbish of stuffs that we don need. Did raided Lynn's & Mom's "shoe teritory" and found some old shoe boxes. God knows why they're keeping them, so off with them. well, then the rest as usual, sweep and mop. And now I'm here blogging away to pass my time. Probably be hooked up on a game right after this. That's it for now, will blog here again when somebody passaway...opps, i mean when I'm free again, hehe.....=P. Chioz!

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