Thursday, November 02, 2006

All soul's day!

Wow, check this out, the last post I left here was on the 9th of September 2006. And today it's the 2nd of November 2006. Almost 2 whole months of no update. By the look of this blog now, it seems pretty badly managed. Well, apart from being exhausted from work, being homesick at times and pretty occupied with certain stuffs, I really couldn't find the time as well as the will to update the blog. I really donno what to type now. It's like I've lost interest in this "thing".
Hmmm, maybe I should tell what Singapore is like. To me, life in Singapore has been hetic. It's the culture here. People tend to rush all the time. I guess this is what a city's life is all about. Not that it's like Sex in the City (hmmm, sex, na...=P).
I have a nice simple room all for myself. It's simple and sweet. Don't worry, though I'm a guy, but I make sure that my room is neat and tidy. Why? I donno, just like it that way as it helps me to find my stuffs easier, much more systematic.
I have a laptop for myself now, HP brand. Even got a new handphone for myself, so I'm currently using 2 handphones now, my old Nokia hp and my new Sony Ericsson K800i. (hehe, had to brag bout that part =P). Oh yeah, the only messy part in my room would be my computer table. It's full of different kinda wires and adaptors. Well, since I'm pretty much into gadgets, guess that's why i have these many wires on the table. Will probably post some pictures of it later.
Oh yeah, I'm staying in Clementi. Guess what, I've been here for almost 2 months now and there are already 2 cases on the railway track. First case that happen at the Clementi mrt station during my first week here in Singapore. A gal was pushed onto the railway track. From what I heard, the gal survived as she was smart to quickly climb up onto the other side of the tracks. The cuplit was caught, took about 5 men to held him down. Besides, a couple of guys did beat the guy up. I know all these because it happened right before my bare eyes. The gal only suffered minor bruises. Hope she's well now.
The second case happened last Monday the 30th of October 2006. I was also on the train but this time at Queenstown Mrt station. Eveybody was told to unboard the train at Queenstown. Reason was because there was an accident along the tracks. Train services were disrupted for almost 30 minutes between Queenstown and Clementi. Finally after 30 minutes, we were all then directed to board the train. When I reach my station, Clementi, I noticed a few policemen around. Well, it seems that the accident was at Clementi again. They found a man's body under the train. Police classifies this case as an unnatural case.
Damn, this got me thinking. 2 cases, at the same mrt station in just almost 2 months. Coincidence rite? Well, someone as myself would have never expected such of a thing to be happening in Singapore. Maybe in the Philippines or Malaysia yeah, but in Singapore? For all you know, I could be the 3rd victim. **touchwood**


Nyokk said...

omg that's so freaky

AndyJoe said...

yeah, well, it really happened and tat's a fact....