Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Alright, the day has finally come. I've finally got my own net access here in Singapore. After more than 2 months surviving on local wifi at hotspot such as McD and so on, I now have my own, though it's still wifi =S Non-other-less, its my own and I'm happy with it, as I too did the whole installation myself, muahahahaha =D
**ok, satisfied with the self praise**
It's actually a combination of a modem and wifi, why do i need wifi you ask? Ok, here's the thing, in Singapore the broadband service comes in 3 ways. Through SingTel, its via phoneline. Then there's M1 who just recently lauched their very own braodband service, it's via network. And finally, Starhub, who uses cables from the cable points.
If you ask me on my preference, I'd say Starhub. Reason is, lets do a comparision. SingTel, phoneline, and they want me to pay a deposit of S$200. Then M1, they just lauched the service, so it's new, takes time to set itself up, though how stable it is, God only knows. Starhub, it's cable! Cable I tell you! Plus they don't even require me to pay any deposit. Just that I have to purchase the modem myself. If you ask me, it's so much more of a convinience to me.
Reason why I got a router is that the cable point in my flat is in the living room and my notebook's in my room. So if i were to get a cable line pulled in to my room, now tat's gonna cost me like hell. Besides, getting the router was fun as i had my chance to discover & explore Funan Digital Centre here in Singapore.
Right now, tat's all for now as I need to update some other stuffs here n there. Laterz!

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