Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Most Memorable Night Of My Life.....

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Wow, how should i describe it, Amazing, astounding, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, extraordinary, hair-raising, heart-stirring, magnificent, marvelous, miraculous, moving, overwhelming spectacular, spine-tingling, striking, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, wonderful. I think not even all the words mentioned here could even be compared to what I’m feeling now.

I stayed up the whole night for this game, even if i did not play in it or wat, ( how i wished i did ) it was somewhat a special night for me. Why? Well, look at it this way, the last Liverpool won the European Cup, it was way back in 1984. That's the year i was borned. Ever since I’ve became a Liverpool supporter, I’ve been dreaming of my favorite team to win something like this big.

Over the years, we had the likes of Man. United & Arsenal both doing well in domestic competition and quite fair in Europe. And this season, we saw the likes of Chelsea winning the English Premier League, their first in 50 years. And boy, how you have hated to see how their fans gloat bout it. Well after tonight's game, I would dare to say that I'm so proud to be a Liverpool F. C supporter. The Uefa Champion's League, the biggest one, is in Liverpool's cupboard, and not only that, having won it for the fifth time, they get to keep the cup for good!

Imagine this, in the first half, Liverpool were down 3-nil. I was like...NO!...this can't be happening. It's a final. How can Liverpool lose like this? Furthermore, they conceded within the first minute. Then Crespo netted in another 2 more. My God, this is like torture, no responce back. Completely outplayed by AC. I somewhat felt relieve after the halftime whistle was blown. Then after 15 minutes, the game was resumed. Liverpool changed their tactics, Didi Hamann was brought on for the injured Steve Finnan, and his presence did make a difference. Steven Gerrard pulled one back, then the last person who i would have expected to score, Vandimir Smicer, who came in for the injured Harry Kewell in the first 20 minutes, struck in another. Liverpool continued to attack, and their attack was paid off when Gerrard was bought down in the box by AC's Gattuso. Xabi Alonso went up to take the penalty. His penalty was saved, but his follow up was good and fast, and there was the equalizer.

15 minutes after halftime and the scores are level again. After this, no more goal from either sides. Into extra time we head. After 30 minutes of extra time, the scores are still level. It was down to a penalty shoot-out! During this time, to me, I felt AC had a better chance, coz their keeper, Dida, Brazil's keeper is damn good. But the God's of football are on our side. The last penalty by AC, taken by Shevchenko, ironically the man who took AC's last European Champion's League Final penalty in 2003, who then scored and handed the cup to AC, his shot was saved by Dudek and thus resulting Liverpool to win the penalty shoot out by 3-2!

At this moment i was practically shouting, note that my mom and sis were sleeping. My dad and I were ecstatic. After 21 years since the last European Cup, the cup is now back with us and it's back with us for good! Many thanks to God too. It's true that you need luck in football, and this time the luck was with us. Long live Liverpool! You'll Never Walk Alone!

Liverpool F.C - King's of Europe Again!
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