Sunday, December 11, 2005

Updates for October & November...

No time to update the blog here as I've been kinda busy this past couple of months. Anyway, I've finally found some time to update my blog. October has been a rather interesting kinda month. I had the chance to take care of Big Ear (Wen Wei's baby) for the whole month as she had to leave for Australia for a so called vacation and also had my mid term examination somewhere towards the end of that month. Well, November is also history, hmmm, we had Wen Wei & Ching Ying down to malacca to collect Big Ear's (too bad no pics), Wing (my sis's bf frm Canada) also was down for a month. There were 2 birthday celebrations being held also, one for my bro & the other for my dad. Anyway, I've managed to get some pics from my dad's birthday, curtesy of Wing. Chioz!

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Dad's birthday cake (coffee cake, i think, yummie =P)
Happy Birthday Dad!

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Dinner with my family before the cake time

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Birthday boy blowing out the candles

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Mom & Dad, nice to see them smilling =)

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Yup, my sis & her bf, Wing from Canada, dad in the midle, obviously.

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Whole family with the birthday boy

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