Sunday, June 25, 2006


Right, guess I'm pretty much satisfied with the new lay-out and style. Opted for something brighter, like buang suay la, haha. Yesterday went to see Tokyo-Drift (Fast & Furious 3), man all those drifting makes me like "itchy" only, wish I could do that, but too bad don't have the wheels to do so. Even if i try to do it, I ought to get a bigger insurance plan. Haha...but the cars there sure damn cun! Went to watch with my fellow ex-colleague, Jacinta aka Korean Gal. Even she too was facinated with the cars. The storyline was like, as usual la, race race, then fight in between over a gal, then final race. But the ending part, when one of my favourite actor made his return appearance was the biggest surprise of the show. Guess Fast & Furious 4 is gonna be good, hopefully there is one. Anyway, after the movie, we headed back to the car. When I opened the car, I smelt a cigarette smell. Guess what, the car got broke into. The stuffs in the glove compartment were all on the floor, even the prayer books (Family car, k). From then on, I quickly check around if I lost anything or no, luckily didn't. Made a phonecall to dad to ask whether did he left anything important in the car or not, luckily he didn't. Guess the cuplit only wanted money, but too bad man, we don't keep valuables in the old car. If it was my sis's Kelisa, finish man. Sure I'm gonna have a big headache. Anyway, after making sure that we didn't lose anything, me and Jacinta headed on back home. Man, knowing that someone has been in your privacy, makes you feel like unsatisfied. Felt like punching the BASTARD, darned it that he wasn't there around. Sigh....Oh well, I guess some things just happens to some people, right? Could be my day, could be not. Just thank God that nothing important got stolen.


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haha, don't think it'll be on cinema's when u'll be abck here...hehe....ala, we could watch other movies la, if ur up for it and if we both can make it =P