Saturday, July 15, 2006

Football Mad Company & Annual Dinner!

A lot of things has happened since the last 2 weeks, been too busy to update or even browse through. Currently listening to Teriyaki Boys - from the soundtrack of Tokyo Drift. (Love the intro part =P) Right, last week the whole department were involved with the World Cup fever. They had competitions of such where i remember the whole department will compete against the other. Each dept were to be hosting a team too. We choosed Italy. So we all came dressed in blue, had our hair painted blue and even painted our faces. It was fun, seeing the whole team mixing and joking around. I'll post some pictures of it later on. Next was our Annual Dinner. It was a buffet style by the poolside. Kinda ok, but I honestly didn't really feel comfortable in the begining. Reason was the back office staffs had to perform on the night and I was involved. Anyway, we did eventually get passed it and it turns out that ours was entertaining. Oh well, the main thing is that we all had fun.

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