Monday, July 17, 2006

Gone but not forgoten...

Yesterday was Azy's last day at the office. Farewell and my best wishes to him. Anyway, the team has truely lost one of its whacky, funny, cool and sporting colleague. On behalf of the whole team and myself, all the best to you Azy! By the way, I'll update you if there's any upcoming futsal games. If you can make it, drop by and show off some of your Canavarro's skill la =P
Oh yeah, I did mentioned that I wanted to post some pictures from the Football Mad Dept Week, and guess what! I forgot to install the software to upload the pictures since after my last re-format. In fact, I even forgot bout it's name all together. Haha....*shy la* Now wanna search for the software also lazy di. Later only find la, hehehe =P.

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