Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Nic!

It's just one of those days again. Back from work with a headache. But after a plate of rice, everything's back to normal. Damn, maybe i should start taking my lunches back =P. Dad tried his belated father's day present from me, his new grasscutter. Well, the garden's back to normal after he was done with it, things look neater now. Skipped gym today to give my aching muscles some rest again.
Guess what day today is? It's Shanic's birthday. Wow, wow, ppl big boy di, hehehe...Have no idea on what do get him for it either. Probably just have a cold stout with him la some day later on. Haha! Anyway, Happy Beerday, opps, i meant Happy Birthday to you, Nic. Below are some pictures dedicated to you: ~Enjoy~

~Guess this must be your favourite~

~and here's a stout too~~and lastly a Carlsberg to end the night~

Perhaps we'd end up looking like the guys in this picture =P

happy birthday,dude! Cheers!

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