Sunday, August 27, 2006

The New Line Team!

Hey hey, I'm back again. Had a fantastic sleep today so I'm feeling kinda fully energize now. Wednesday is fast approaching. I can't wait for that day to come. It'll be my last day to serve Singtel. During my 4 years and 5 months there, I've seen good things and shitty thing. I've even met great frens and shitty frens as well. Thank God the shitty frens didn't last long there either. The only thing that I'll regret leaving behind will be my team & my close frens.
Oh yeah, in regards to one of my previous post "Football Mad Company & Annual Dinner!" dated 15.7.2006, I told that the company was in the world cup mood rite? They had activities and excitement all based on football. One of the activities were the team's dresscode. Well, least to say that the New Line Team were hosting ITALY, the eventual World Cup Champions for the FIFA World Cup 2006. Here's a picture from that day's event. Enjoy!

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haha, see if you can find me =D

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Nyokk said...

the one squatting, beside the girl who wore aqua blue shirt

AndyJoe said...

got 2 guys squatting wat, but i think u know which one la....kononla saw me b4 ma =P