Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update, Update and Update!

Ok, I'm pretty much screwed up now. That is with understanding woman. They're one funny little creature which i can never understand or even know what's on their mind. Then again, some of this species can be very caring and thoughful. Anyway, its been sometime since I last blog here. Reason is because I was pretty much busy with my preparation to leave for Singapore. Not forgeting the last trip to Singapore for me where I was traveling down with a headache. By the time I reached into Singapore, I had to take painkillers to ease myself, so i guess you kinda get my drift as i'm someone who would do my best to stay away from painkillers until I really can't stand it.
Well, my birthday was cool. Had dinner with my family on that day and another dinner with all my close frens the other day. I even had an email from a fren in UK on wishing me for my birthday, Thank you Christine! Well, to be honest the dinners were like farewell dinners instead of birthday dinners. It was kinda the usual dinner for me, single, enjoying myself. Come to think of it, I've never had a someone special with me to spend my birthday wit me, ever.
There's a gal who going through a rough patch at of this moment. Her grandmother's not doing too well, so she's kinda disturb. Well, i insisted on fetching her that night, well, I know that I'm not the type who would go through so much hassle, but I kinda knew what she was going through as I've been there a few months back. In the end, she pretty much got upset with me for doing so. She claims that I don't understand her. Come to think of it now, I really don't understand her. Trying to be considerate, she can get mad at me? Till now also she's upset with me. Well, I ain't gonna lose my temper for this kinda reason, so I'm just gonna wash my hands over her. Do what you wanna do la, accident or wat, I ain't gonna be bothered anymore!
Back to my birthday, i do know whether I've got really sad kinda frens or caring ones. Reason is because of the presents which they gave me. How in the world am I gonna wear what you guys and gals gave me? Anyway, i'm an optimistic person. Prefer to look at it as caring frens. Guess the gifts will be for my next gf, whoever that may be, hahahaha =D.
Right now, I'll probably be busy again. Still searching for a good luggage bag and some personal stuffs. Besides all these, I'm still searching for a room in Singapore. Some rooms are way expensive, so I've gotta opt for the more reasonable ones. S$400 for a room?! Kinda expensive, don't you think so? In the meantime, if I can't find a room yet, i'll be travelling frm JB to Singapore each day till i get a place of my own there. Thank God for Shanic! So till I can sort all these out, I'll be pretty much busy till then. Last day at my company will be on 30.8.06. Guess I'm gonna be the only weird fella shouting MERDEKA one day in advance =P Other than that, I can't wait for that day to come.


Nyokk said...

good luck in singapore :D

AndyJoe said...

thanks, i'm gonna need it...