Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Business trip to Singapore on the 4.9.06

My trip to Singapore was something. Managed to settle all my stuffs there, opening up a bank account and securing a place to stay. Yup, I'll be staying in Clementi. Clementi is a town in Singapore, located in the west between Jurong & Dover. Did a personal survey on the area while I was there. It seems ok, with several chinese hawker stalls there. In fact, there's also a McD there too! Looks like a good town.
When I first arrived, I met up with Fern at Tiong Bahru mrt station. We then had lunch at a chinese restaurant, eating xia long bao (not sure if i have the spelling correctly) . After that, she had to leave but she did brought me to the POSB before she left. (Thanks Fern)
After creating the account, had about 2 hours to roam before I met Mr. Foo (agent). Met him at 5pm where he then took me to see the place. It seems ok, standard room with a bed, cupboard, table and table fan. Guess it should be pretty much enough for me. Later, he then sent me to the Jurong East station where I found my way back to JB.
Back in larkin, JB, there wasn't any busses to Malacca left. It was already 8pm then. I was this close to opting to stay in a hotel, but luckily I managed to contact Shanic who I then spend a night at his place. (Thanks buddy!) In the morning, left his place at 7am. Halfway walking towards the bus stop, I got caught in the rain. It was so heavy that I got soak within a few minutes. Saw a cab, and rented it to the Larkin station. Guess it was my luck as i arrived at 7.45am, but the 7.30am bus was just about to leave. Managed to get onto it and was back in Malacca at 10.30am. It was a cold trip though. Damn!
Back at Central, both Thomas and Virgil were there to fetch me back home. One thing, if it wasn't for my frens, guess I would have struggled much. Right now, I'm a little nervous as I'll be undergoing an operation tomorrow. It's to insert a 5 inches metal plat into my kneecap as it got hurt back when .......haha, just joking. It's just an operation to remove my wisdom tooth. Will probably suffer after that from the pain but I guess it's better to feel the pain now rather than once I'm already in Singapore. Wish me luck!

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