Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On painkillers now...

Yup, I'm back now. Woke up today with no confidence today, like don't have the will to seize the day. Reason was, my apointment with the dentist at 11.30am to remove my freaking wisdom tooth. A normal tooth extraction would cost about RM150.00. Well, it wasn't gonna be like this for me this time. It cost me RM370.00. My operation this time required me to do an x-ray this time. Reason was because the tooth this time was growing 45 degrees to the side instead of 90 degress upwards. The doc had to x-ray it to find out on where is it's nerves and which angle to pull it from. One would think that it's that simple. Here's a messy diagram which i drew using paint:
Try sitting on the chair for more than an hour while watching somebody drilling, cutting and pulling your tooth while you're wide awake. Yup, i had to go through all this shit. Doctor told me that the tooth had to be cut up into 3 pieces. During the operation, she told me that no choice, had to cut up to 4 pieces instead as the tooth's angle was way beyond reach. In the end, the tooth was finally removed. Good riddance to it too! Right now I'm on painkillers to ease myself from the freaking pain. Did i mentioned that the gum had to be sewed as well because of the slicing? Sigh, hopefully I'll recover soon from it. No mood to blog further. Rather rest. Laterz!

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