Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Trip to the Jurong Bird Park. (pictures included)

Ok, finally found some time to upload a few pictures of my trip to the bird park. Hope you guys enjoy them =D Pictures taken by Fern. Thanx Fern, for the tour!

a picture of me taken by Fern as I made my journey beyond the gates of the Bird Park

Some flamingoes

found this golden iguana inside the aviary, God knows what he was doing there

At 3,ooosq.m and 9 stories high, Lorf Loft is the world's largest walk-in Lory flight aviary, along together with more than 1,000 free-flying lories. Here I stand on top of the bridge inside the "Lory Loft". The birds are that tame, that they actually fly around you. Offer them a special nectar mix and they'll flock over to you.

picture snapped with one of the hornbills and its caretaker, had a feel of the bird too!

picture session with 2 macaws

inside the penguin house, to witnes the "Penguin Parade". Picture of one of the King penguins

picture ain't that clear coz of the glass in between, none-otherless, it was worth it. At least I had a chance to witness before my very eyes these penguins having their meal. There are about 5 species on exhibit which are the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni, Fairy and last but not least my favourite, the King Penguin. *which reminds me, I need to see "Happy Feet" =P*

during the "Bird & Buddies" show and they needed a volounteer, guess who had it =P

side view of the bird, the female one flew away as the trainer called it back

This here is little "Amigo". Considered one of the smartest bird in the park. He actually counted from 1 till 10 both in English and then in Chinese. After that, he actually sang a malay song called "Rasa Sayang" and a chinese song which I've forgoten of the name. Pretty smart for a bird, if you ask me.

a picture of me somewhere near one of the African Wetlands with some pelicans. I sure did enjoy my trip to the bird park

pictures of 2 black swans, first time for me seeing them

a picture of Fern and her favourite bird which she call the blue bird! Actual name is called a "shoebill"

a picture of the "shoebill" up close.... (thanx to my k800i's zoom function =P)

photo session after the "Birds of Prey" show

smile for the cam, birdie!

Well I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures which I took from the Bird Park, I sure did =P Anyway I'll probably be heading there again once more, then probably next will be the Zoo. Stay tuned for more updates!

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