Sunday, December 10, 2006

Queensway Shopping Centre

Well, it's been a tiring week for me this week. But much as I got myself tired, I found some pretty interesting places in S'pore. For instance, I found a good place to shop for sport's equipment and stuffs and it's at Queensway Shopping Centre! Check out the picture below and you'll know what I mean.

Yeah, bout the jersey if you're wondering, yep, it's Liverpool's New Jersey by Adidas for the season 2006 -2008, and yeah, it's ORIGINAL and with my name this time! =D So far now pose from the back, front next time la.
Ok, back to Queensway, the place is what I would like to consider as the Sungei Wang in KL. Yup, clothing there is cheap and kinda funky. Besides, I even got myself a new memory card for my hp and now I have extra space to store my "stuffs". Anyway, looking fwd to next coming week. Missing those food back in Malacca!

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