Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Orchard Cineleisure!

Ok, time for an update again. Last Saturday I went out with Desmond, Pui Ling & Edward, my colleagues from M1. Yeah I know, first time right? Well just wanted to see what they're like outside office and boy, they sure were nice and very outgoing. We met up at Bugis Junction-8, had lunch and roammed the area. Bugis's one of the city area. Had a new earring (did lost my old one, but managed to find it later) and ate like hell. Been some time since I've had the chance to eat a proper good meal in Singapore. Don't really like spending freely but come last Saturday, I figured - "What the hell!" and ate as much as I wanted to.

We then later moved on to Orchard. This time they decided to head over to Orchard Cineleisure - a place for youngsters. I did went to the place once but that was like at 11pm plus and was shown the place by someone, so not too much memory of it. We decided to catch one of the show : The Bridge to Terabithia. The show reminded me of Narnia, well It was alright.

Cineleisure's a pretty fun place to hang out. Man, you'd imagine all those weirdos wearing weird kinda outfit, think they're somekind black punk or some kinda hip hopster.

But what I like most bout Cineleisure is their creativity. Check out the pics tat I posted. Live-size Transformer, The Silver Surfer (Dono why I keep on getting mixed up as the silver spoon) And Spiderman. Didn't had much time to snap pictures as I didn't think much were needed to say. As usual, I'll be updating stuffs that I come across in Singapore from time to time. Till then, cya!


Inaesb said...

Life sized Transformer?? Wah wah. :P

Your template seems weird.

Mochii said...

been quite some time n so many things changed o.O

AndyJoe said...

inaesb : yup, LIFESIZED! (template's a different one too, wanted a new look)

mochii : yup, things do change, hopefully for the better. Anyway wishing you all the best. Long time no see ya online!