Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cost of living in S'pore

Yikes! Time sure does past fast. Check it out, my last post was in January. Well what can I say. I've been pretty much busy lately, settling down in SIngapore, in my new working environment, my new lifestyle here, sister's wedding, sister's departure, getting a new gal, running up and down between Malacca and Singapore, bla bla bla.... Well just though I'd do some updates on my blog, considering having time on my hand.

Woke up today at 1.30pm, off day. Had a microwaved lunch and made myself a drink. Had lunch while chilling with a movie on my laptop. Bout 3, decided to go freshen up, have a shit and so on. While walking towards the toilet spotted the Sunday's Times. Just thought I'd read it through and apparently the article below caught my attention. No wonder my rent went up. Anyway it's happening throughout the whole country and since I've gotta be here then I've gotta start adapting to it....

What to do, cost of living here is high considering the amount of foreigners coming in. Economic growth here is stable and quite well. Not bad for a country the size of Malacca eh? Makes you wonder, what's keeping Malaysia's growth?

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