Thursday, January 25, 2007

During my last trip back to Malacca

During my last trip back to Malacca I had the pleasure of hanging out with my siblings more than we normally used to. Well I'll just cut the story short, we did made a trip down to Tesco to do groceries. And as usual, the whole place was with the Lunar New Year decorations and so on. Just as we walked past the hardware department, my sis suddenly asked me:
Sis: Hey, you wanna see a life Pussy?
Me: Wwhatt?! (I thought she was trying to pull a fast one on me)
Sis: Nah, see there (she pointed elsewhere with a smirking smile)
Me: ........ (I turn to the direction that she was pointing, figuring I would see some weirdo or something, and guess what I saw)

I'm not sure whether the departmental ppl were trying to be funny or seriously that's the name of the plant....
I really had to get a picture of it. Now this time you can't blame ppl for selling pussy or wat, Tesco's doing it legally! So wanna buy a pussy? Drop down to Tesco and you could get one for RM 17.88 only. Gong Xi Fa Chai!


gin jhen said...

Haha...come back Malacca to see pussy only ah...tsk tsk.

allison said...

Hey... how are you doing? You've been tagged, go play!

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Anonymous said...

poor plant! lol

Chris said...

no update liao de ??

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hey, i can't find any shoutbox in ur webbie so juz leave a msg here. Juz wanna tell u that ur lil penguin is so cute >.<"