Monday, May 28, 2007

Yeah, I found of a new place in Singapore that serves good food! It's located at Marina South and it's some kinda bbq/steamboat buffet. YES! BUFFET! They've got seafood (Thomas, your fav), meat (Virgil, you're missing this man!), vegetable (Shinie da vegetarian, can survive here too) and many others too.Yup, that's the picture of the place. Chin Huat Live Seafood, but then got meat lei, Satay too!

Check out the damage that we created!
I had dinner with my colleague Desmond, Megan, Cheryl, Ashley & Venus. First time hanging out with this group too and they were a loud but a fun bunch of people to be with.

The gals that came (L-R: Ashley, Cheryl, Megan & Venus)

The other guy excluding myself, Mr Dezzy Desmond!

This one's a classic picture. You know the saying "A picture say a thousand words"? Check out what Desmond is doing to Venus!

Alright then. A much more decent shot! Thanx for the time my friends! Looking forward till our next trip there!


Chris said...

wah what happen!!!
someone blog boom!!! my blog turn to die :o(
I forgot you at Sg, just went there last week should have got you to bring me around ><
owh good luck with ur rentals, ask your boss give you residential allowance :D

AndyJoe said...

haha, yeah right, its happening everywhere la...all places have gone up in prices....its alright, next time when ur coming down let me know in advance k?