Sunday, June 17, 2007

Potatoe and Cheese!

Wow, check this out! I came across this "Pringles" flavour at the fairprice here in Singapore today. Must be a new brand as I've not seen it in Malacca and my "sources" too confirmed that Malaysia has yet to launch this new brand as well.

I like anything that's gotta do with potatoe and cheese - wat a nice combination

But don't worry, I'm not gonna eat it just yet as I promised somebody that she'll have the first piece of this "Pringles" keep your promise and I shall keep mine, hehe...

Anyway in my previous post "Food feast during this last 2 weeks" I was at Dataran along with Virgil and he took a photo of this show car from my hp - still crazy with cars as always this fella. Just thought I'd upload the picture here so that I can erased it from my phone.

Damn, no 4 digits la the car...haha...anyway Virgie, you might wanna copy the pictures from here as I've deleted it - wait for you to come online to pass them is like hoping to strike 4D. Anyway cheers everybody!

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