Thursday, July 19, 2007

Holiday in Penang

Yeah, I know it's been some time (I use this sentence quite often, don't I) since I last did some updating, well I've been to Penang recently and boy did I really had the time of my life!

Picture of me and my gal Fina

Fina acting cute =)

Lookey who's here as well, it's Alia!

Now let me introduce you to stupid cat aka Tiger, damn cat scratched me twice!

Ok, at least one of them's cute...

Ain't she adorable? Siap can post with the DVD remote controler of her father's car (Virgil, like tv la wei!)

Apart from Penang, we did a short trip on the second day to Perlis, that's like the border of Thailand and Malaysia...

Damn, I miss holding her...

As usual, Fina's always there to cheer me up

Likewise Alia as well....

Yeah, here's the name of the place which I was telling you about "Gapura Square"- Border of M'sia & Thailand

Check out the cars beb!

Seriously, the things here were cheap, you'd imagine how much stuffs I got from there!

Well, thats about it la...tat much of stuffs, hehe...=P

Introducing Alif, nephew of Fina and brother of Alia

On the ferry towards Langkawi!
Just in case you don't believe, check out Fina posing with the safety jackets!

By the time we reached the seaside it was already dark, but that didn't stopped us from getting into the sea...

imagine travelling on a bike in a cold wheather for 40 minutes just for "pork"...

doesn't this look like good food to ya?

and these stew with tofu....

Instead of normal whit rice, we opted for Thai Fried rice, still yummy!

I learned a saying in Langkawi - "Save water, drink Beer"

Our breakfast at the hotel the very next day

HUngry siol!

After breakfast, me and Fina decided to head down to the Underwater world in Langkawi..

Somebody wanna be a mermaid....

Haha, I took this shot b4 she was ready...

OK, 1 galmour pic for the princess!

Koi in the water...

Some fat arab guy helped us to take this pic...damn fool didn't know how to count 1,2,3!

Run and raisins anyone?

Munch munch munch....

Somehow or rather I have a thing to be getting my pic snapped with Maccaws

A lil lost penguin...happy feet?

The rest of the gang!

Picture picture again...
I'd rather sit this one out this time


Me tarzan, you Jane....I felt brave on the outside but kecut inside...=P

SOme part of the underwater world...

Seriously, I had to get a pic of this....=P

On our way back, we took the old fashin ferry back to Penang from Kuala Kedah, here's my sly look...

the wind in your hair makes me bla bla bla.....

A picture of the aproaching port

Some ppl just loves to take pictures of you when you're asleep

a pic while on top of Penang Hill

It wasn't gloomy but hazy..

Check out this house on the hill, following the English style...

Imagine having a fence like these.....

After Penang Hill, we made a trip to town where I had this wonderful marvelous Penang Laksa, ntg compared to anywhere else but where it actually originated from..

Other than that was the famous Chendol, best in Penang, near Komtar building

Aside from that, even had a plate of Penang Char Kuey Tiow
Anyway that's all for now, these here are just the few pictures which are legal that I'm posting, rst ah, you really gotta see it for yourself to believe and understand it, btw, I'm just too lazy to post it all. Till then bye!

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