Thursday, July 12, 2007

Updates bout me!

Since the 1st of July till the 11th, I've been working straight. Hardly had enough time for myself, yet this blog to be updated.

Yeah, I know I was crazy to be applying for overtimes on my off and rest days but I figure, what the heck, just give it my best shot. And the last day was hel, having to work on the 1.30pm shift till 11.00pm and then adding another 3 hours, so making the shit end at 2.00am. Crazy isn't it?

Well I had enough of work. Thank God for this rest day for me to recover and settle my errands. Had to send my handphone for servicing as the joystick seems to be a little "stubborn" for me to be accessing my wap site, links and even my msn.

From what I gathered, it seems that my phone was one of the early models which had this problem, the new ones in the market has been upgraded. Oh well, as it seems to be under waranty, why waste it right? After the servicing, lets just say it's very very "obedient" now.

Alright, Andrew's crapping bout his handphone again. What else is new bout me, hmmm... yeah I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow after work. I know it's gonna be a 10 freaking hrs bus ride from all the way here to Penang. But I guess the outcome of it will definitely be worth it. I'll probably update again when I'm free. Till then, bye!

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Inaesb said...

Wah..don't la so rajin. Must relax a bit too k. :)

When you coming to Malacca?? I know Penang got good food..but Malacca also not bad wut..

Yea, what exactly is your job ah?