Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I just ate a whole can of Longan by myself and I feel like shit!

I've been staring at the screen for 5 whole minutes, I don't even know how to start this one. Why do people blog? Is it because they wanna brag? Or is it some of them have got nothing else better to do? As for me, it's just the sake for pasting my time.

I find it that whenever I'm alone, it seems that I think a lot. It could be more to about my plans, troubles, happy thoughts or what so ever. Heck the way I see it, its more like I'm blogging without a reason. So I might as well shut down this blog, after all, there's many other things that I could be doing instead of just wasting my time here. So that's it, I'm gonna close this blog down.

WAiiiiiiTTTttt just a Minute!!!

What about all my history? There's archieve in this blog of mine. As I look back, I missed those treasured moments in life. Well not everything that happened in my life's here though, but somehow or rather one topic leads to a memory of mine. I know it sounds kinda lame but if u look back, u'd see stuffs from the past. Hey, its more like a journal, or rather a diary like in ancient time only that it has photos and jokes in it as well.

Perhaps one day, my kid might look at my blog and say: CHECK OUT DAD'S HEAD! Oh well, it'll be a waste for me to just delete what I've started a few years back. I'll just continue to crap around here, updating stuffs and pictures. It'll probably serve myself as a good past time when I'm 80 next time.

Well to the future Andrew who's reading this, you just had your most memorable birthday a few days back. Dear Fina gaved you one to remember of. Presents and meals. Hopefully she'll still be by yourside then. Today's also your off day and you slept like a log till noon. It's also cousin Edmund's birthday as well. Hopefully he'll still be around by then. Oh yeah, Geeta (M1 colleague)'s dad passed away today. Deepest condolence to her and her family.

You'll also soon be going back to Malacca again next week and to Penang the following week to visit Fina. And at this point also, you'd be pondering at the thought whether do you wanna stay in Singapore somemore or not. Even Kevin (M1 colleague) is asking you to join him at TST (Technical Support Team). Kinda interesting but there are some problems if you were to join the team.

Anyway that's all for now. I don't feel like typing anymore as Fina's come online and I'd rather talk to her instead. See ya around!


Inaesb said...

Holler if you're in Malacca :P

AndyJoe said...

going back this thursday...