Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas 2007 and Chris

Christmas will be here in another 5 days from today. How am I taking it? Obviously I'm pretty much excited. For starters I'll be on leave for 6 whole days. That's like almost a week away from work. Free to do what I want without and with my loved ones. One thing is it'll be a first Christmas without me dear sister. Guess she's pretty much not bothered as from what I heard, she's away for holiday in the Bahamas. Oh well, good for her, a little warm weather for her.
Well I have a special someone who's crazy over this meal. WTM freak! Never knew someone as crazy enough for WTM existed other than my sister. Now I have two woman whom I'm closed to that are crazy over WTM!

Well I have a friend here who's been hoping he'd get a WTM or lambchop for Christmas from me. Konon la wanna meet up with me in Singapore, mana tau now I heard he's already in Russia! What la you, Chris...

Well here's a Russian for you as a Christmas prezzie. Maybe a rough idea on what you're supposed to be looking out for, we don't need another confused child out in the world again.
One more time give you full view, remember this ya, boobs and hot, not batang between legs!

Haha! Cheers mate. Merry Christmas to ya all!

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Inaesb said...

Haha...happy 2008 :)

Is Anna still with enrique?